Add a One-Question Survey to the Bottom of your Newsletters

(or blog posts)

Receive Feedback to improve your Results

SurveyBreeze is a FREE tool to improve your newsletter with Feedback.

(use it also in your blog posts)

Get key information you currently don’t have.

Right now, you don’t know if your newsletter is valuable.

Open rates tell you the effectiveness of your headline.

CTR’s tell you the effectiveness of your copy to generate clicks.

SurveyBreeze tells you if your subscribers find your newsletter valuable.

You’ll get a high response rate:

Your subscribers rate your newsletter, because it takes them only one second (1 question, 1 click).

Those, who don’t like it, tell you why.

Those, who like it, help you promote it.

It’s Fast and Simple to implement (2 minutes).

It takes two minutes to add a personalized one-question survey to your newsletter or autoresponder.

Just add the html code that we give you to the bottom of your newsletter template. We'll show you how.

It integrates with most email marketing services and with your own.

Here’s how it works!