Why do I need this tool?

To understand what your subscribers think of your newsletter.

I’m not a technical person, can I use this tool?

If you know how to copy and paste, you are all set. We’ll show you exactly how and where to paste the html code we give you.

Can I ask more than one question?

Nope. Only one question.

Can I change the question?

You can ask whatever you like. Just bear in mind that the answer will be answered with a rating going from 1 to 5.

Do I need to put the question at the bottom of my newsletter?

You can put it wherever you want. Just insert the html code we give you wherever you want your newsletter to appear.

Can I customize the aspect of the survey?


What happens when my subscribers click on a specific rating?

The rating is recorded and they are redirected to a page which you configure. Depending on their rating, you can ask for more feedback or to help you promote your newsletter with a Tweet.

Can I change my question in each Newsletter.


What kind of stats do I get?

The number of people who rated you with a specific rating and average results per newsletter. All this information is provided in easy to understand charts and graphs

What if someone clicks a rating more than once?

We use different methods to avoid recording multiple times the voting from the same person.

Can I use the same code for all my newsletters?

Generally, yes. It depends on the email service provider you work with. You can use the same code for all your newsletters or a different one for each newsletter.   It will be explained once you select your email marketing service.

With what email marketing services does it work?

It works with any email marketing services where you can embed html code in a newsletter. If you are using your own template, you can also insert it.

We have tested some of the most important email marketing service providers and have prepared a video showing you exactly how to embed the video

Will this service always be FREE?

That’s our intention at this point. We may come up with a paid versions in the future with more functionalities, but our intention right now is to leave all the current functionalities always for FREE.

Why are you offering this for FREE when you could be charging?

Because this is a functionality we had already built for NewsletterBreeze, so we had to do very little to get it ready as a stand alone product.