Surveys is a FREE tool provided courtesy of NewsletterBreeze.

We’ve used a functionality we created for NewsletterBreeze and got great feedback to create a stand alone product with it.

NewsletterBreeze belongs to Invespromo Consulting, a Consulting firm from Madrid (Spain).

You can contact us at:

Our Address:

Invespromo Consulting
C/Aquisgran 2
Las Rozas de Madrid, 28232

Tel. +34 912692797
You can send us an email to:  info @ NewsletterBreeze.com

Our Team:

Javier Sardá, Founder
Javier is the CEO and founder of NewsletterBreeze.  He is a happy father of three.  When he is not working, Javier likes to bike and read.

Carlos Montalvo, Lead developer
Carlos is the lead developer at NewsletterBreeze. When Carlos discovered Ruby on Rails, it was love at first sight. Since then, he uses RoR for 90% of his projects.  When he is not working, his three year old takes all his time and energy.

Ileana Bedini, Marketing & Design
Ileana is in charge of Marketing and design. When she’s not working, Ileana spends her time with her two daughters and studying web development.  She already knows enough to be dangerous.

David Giacomo, Customer Support
David loves to help people and is in charge of Customer support.  When he is not working, David likes to play videogames and hike.

Our Mission:

NewsletterBreeze’s mission is to improve the email marketing of our users by helping them understand the value they provide their subscribers.  We do this through easy to answer surveys embedded in newsletter.
The greater mission of NewsletterBreeze is to bring the power of email marketing to all companies, no matter how small they are.  We do this through NewsletterBreeze.

With NewsletterBreeze, any company can do great email marketing. They can collect the best industry news, select and organize the most engaging ones and share them with their subscribers through a newsletter.
With NewsletterBreeze, any company can do email marketing, effortlessly and with little time investment.